Sunday, January 25, 2009

00cxae Reviewed

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Martin 00CXAE Black

When professionals look for the best guitar, they look no farther than the Martin 00cxae. The black body, in thin form, has a unfinished laminate neck. The neck is slightly oval in shape and the headstock is a solid, standard taper. 20 frets in total, 14 of which are in the clear. Giving a very elegant look, the guitar's neck is a combination of classically-aligned wood pieces. The top base and side and back body are made out of Jett black HPL. The most discerning features of the guitar are its gold and black herringbone rosette, bowtie plates, and graphite bridge. Customers from all over the globe will love this guitar.

The Martin 00cxae has a stylish, laminated neck. The laminations, which run longitudinally from top to bottom, give the appearance of wood grain. To allow the player to have a comfortable grip on the guitar, the neck is left unfinished. Not only is the guitar beautiful and elegant but extremely playable. The functional 4 and Fishman transducer gives you complete ease to make adjustments to your amplifier. Just adjust the tuner, saddle, and nut and you'll get the perfect sound you were looking for. Martin Guitar Company has once again provided a functional guitar at an affordable price.

Just plug in the 00cxae and play! Although you can play it unplugged, it is not very loud and would not be very useful at your next campfire, sing-along, or bluegrass jam. Plugged in, its sound is resonant and well balanced, with each string sounding clear and rhythmic. Its sound is so amazing that even at the highest pitch, it is fully capable of sustaining balanced bass and remarkable bite. Not even a trace of boxines can be found in the martin guitar black. No other guitar in 00cxae price range compares.

With the zoom A2 preamp, you can get almost any kind of sound imaginable with just a simple tweaking of the strings. Half the fun is experimenting! If you want a brighter sound, go for the phosphorous/ bronze strings. But if you're looking for a mellower tone, the normal ones will do. Whether you play blues, country, folk, jazz, bluegrass or rock, the 00cxae is the guitar for you.

Whether you enjoy sitting or standing while playing, the Martin Guitar Company has given the 00cxae a very fine finish. Although a perfectionist may find the strings slightly two narrower, most guitarists will find no problems. Even beginners will get addicted to the 00cxae. You can find a full Martin guitar review on various websites, giving you a greater understanding of the guitars functionality. With a more clear understanding of the guitars benefits, you can feel comfortable knowing you made a great choice. Try it out!

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